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Read what some of our past delegates have to say about their Engage experiences.


"It's helped hone my understanding of the Old Testament and how it points to Christ. It's helped develop my ministry skills in exegesis, leading a bible study and learning how to preach; all of which I use in my AFES ministry."

— Rhys


"Engage has equipped me with foundational practical skills to better open the Word, read it and study it with others. I have learnt how to prepare a bible study and how to approach a short talk amongst other things."

— Sarah


"It is an immense privilege to be surrounded by so many Christians from all across Victoria; spending a few days singing, fellowshipping and reading together - my heart craves these glimpses of heaven!"

— Helen


"Engage has helped grow my skills in helping others read and understand God's word through writing Bible studies and talks, as well as the practicalities of ministry through the workshops."

— Joel


"Engage not only trains you with skills to be a leader but challenges your own faith to know and live out the gospel. It is also a great way to make new friends and fellowship together!"

— Natalie


"I’ve enjoyed being trained and stepped through how to think theologically (from God’s Word) about life, rather than just make decisions based on my own experience and feelings alone."


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